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Why use a Notary?

A Notary’s main task is to certify and authenticate documents so that they can be used in jurisdictions outside of Gibraltar. Other functions of the Notary include but are not limited to the administering of oaths and affirmations, witnessing and attesting the execution of documents, taking of statutory declarations, affidavits and acknowledgement of deeds, and the drawing up and attesting of powers of attorney.

A member of one of the oldest branches of the legal profession, a notary in Gibraltar is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, registered with Gibraltar’s Supreme Court and required to comply with the rules set out by the Commissioner for Oaths and Public Notaries Act.

Many foreign jurisdictions will not accept documents as valid unless they have been authenticated by a notary. As a common law jurisdiction, in Gibraltar we can provide notarial services to act as a bridge between civil law jurisdictions such as Spain, France and most Eastern European countries.

Notarial services are required from time to time by individuals and also by corporate bodies, trusts, other law firms, company managers and commercial firms that engage in foreign transactions.

The duty of a notary involves an extremely high standard of care and demands integrity, accuracy and professionalism, not only towards the client but to anyone who may rely on the documents, as well as to Government or other officials in Gibraltar or in other countries where the documents are to be used. A notary ensures full compliance with regulations and requirements both in Gibraltar and abroad.

Bautista Notaries are dedicated to the demands of the profession. Our work is based on the principles of integrity and we take great care at all stages of a transaction. We are dedicated to ensuring accuracy, discretion and excellence with every transaction.

  • Drafting and witnessing powers of attorney
  • Drafting minutes and resolutions for corporate clients
  • Preparing public form notarial acts for use in civil law countries
  • Witnessing signatures on documents for use abroad including for the purchase or sale of property
  • Verification of commercial contracts, agreements and deeds
  • Confirming the authenticity and validity of deeds and documents, including company documents and those for commercial transactions
  • Taking and administering oaths, sworn statements, affidavits, declarations, statutory declarations and depositions
  • Authentication of personal documents such as passports, birth, adoption, death, civil partnership and marriage certificates and of documents for directors and officers of a company
  • Authentication of degree certificates and professional qualifications
  • Notarisation of documents dealing with the administration of estates and inheritances including where the heirs are overseas
  • Declarations required by official bodies of lost passports, birth certificates and credit cards
  • Obtaining official copies of marriage, birth and death certificates and divorce decrees
  • Change of name by deed poll and declarations
  • Authenticating personal documents and information for immigration or emigration
  • Authenticating and recording documents for a range of other circumstances
  • Authenticating trademark assignments
  • Authenticating and witnessing of signatures on company documents
  • Declarations and certificates with relation to intellectual property rights
  • Drawing up ship protest and execution of ship mortgages

Our Services

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Notarial Acts

Includes the preparation and general notarisation of documents, including – but not limited to – certification, authentication, notarising foreign wills and preparing and attesting powers of attorney.

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Commissioner for
oaths services

Includes the preparation, witnessing and certification of oaths, affidavits, declarations, change of name documents.

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Arranging for
translator services

We facilitate accurate translations on behalf of our clients for documents where required. We also provide notarisation and legalisation services where these documents need to be used either outside or within Gibraltar.

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Arranging apostille

We make legalisation via apostille stamp or by consular legalisation as convenient and streamlined as possible.

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Fingerprint Verification

These fingerprinting services will facilitate the notarisation of documents, especially where fingerprinting as a form of proof of identity is an essential requirement.

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Resolve civil and commercial disputes in a way that is an efficient and cost effective alternative to litigation.